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KntrapshunBM Hunter PoV

Kntrapshun BM Hunter PoV
Argus Down and the Tier and Expac comes to a close!

GG guys and gals, the last boss is dead and the farm is finally here.


Kntemplator - Mistweaver and streamer extraordinaire PoV

Slayeravenge - Destro Lock PoV
Mythic Aggramar down, rip boss, Argus next!


Aamber - Holy Paladin PoV

We HIt.
We Kill.
We Loot.
Kin'garoth bites the dust!


Kntempator - Mistweaver PoV

Aamber - Holy Paladin PoV
Mythic Imonar dead - the single target boss exists!


With much running and monk Bopping included!

Kntemplator - Mistweaver Monk PoV

Portal Keeper Hasabel dead - well shit.... another AoE fight


Kntemplator - Mistweaver Monk PoV

Aamber - Protection Paladin PoV
Eonar the Life-Binder - this time surely the last AoE fest of the tier, surely


Kntemplator - Mistweaver Monk PoV

Aamber - Holy Paladin PoV

Definitely not a cheese strat....​