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Portal Keeper Hasabel dead - well shit.... another AoE fight


Kntemplator - Mistweaver Monk PoV

Aamber - Protection Paladin PoV
Eonar the Life-Binder - this time surely the last AoE fest of the tier, surely


Kntemplator - Mistweaver Monk PoV

Aamber - Holy Paladin PoV

Definitely not a cheese strat....​
High Command AoE Fest complete - surely all single target bosses now! 1200px-Antoran_High_Command.jpg
Kntemplator - Mistweaver Monk PoV
Doggos bite the dust

Kntemplator - Mistweaver Monk PoV

Aamber - Holy Paladin PoV
Handful of pulls to get the first boss killed with little trouble, run forest run!

Kntemplator - Mistweaver Monk PoV
Our very own Tregy has been added to our streams page, tune in to checkout boomkin raid pov on the streams page!

Next step to make him reroll feral!

Avatar takes a dive, mucho pullo - onwards to KJbro!


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