Author: Vex


Nightmare Dargons Slain!

These Dargons certainly were a nightmare 😉 but we pulled through and up to 4/7M! Good Work Pplz!

Elerethe Renferal + Ursoc Deaded

Slack GM not posting Renferal kill! But are currently 3/7 Mythic now guys and looking to kill Dargonz soon. Keep up the good work all we will finish this raid soon!

Elerethe Renferal


Foundation Website online


Hey guys the website is online!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped me put this together its been an experience!

Special Thanks to Mel (for being my soundboard), Times and Leelou for pointing out various things, Keg for providing us with an awesome logo, Borelia for being a legend, and Nam and Indy for providing various ideas and insights. Cheers guys. If anyone is feeling generous, donate via the button or poke me for my e-mail for paypal.

Thanks ppl