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About Foundation

About the Guild, our Raid times, and some other general info.

Guild Info

Foundation is an established mythic raiding guild based on the Draenor server.

The guild and it’s leadership team have been raiding continuously since WotLK and as a result is both experienced and dedicated in managing a successful raid roster and clearing top tier content.

The philosophy of the team is built around maximising performance in raids whilst maintaining a friendly but focused atmosphere. The success of this approach can be seen in our low turnover of players and generally speaking the majority of our roster has been raiding together for several years. However as with every raiding guild there is constant need to add new players to the existing roster.

If you believe Foundation is the guild for you, don’t let the class / role you play put you off applying, as we are always interested to hear from players who have a track record at this level of raiding or believe they have the logs to prove they can step up and make the transition from heroic to mythic content.

The majority of the guild are supposedly “mature” raiders albeit guild chat and TS doesn’t always back this up, but the average age of the raid team is probably around 30. Probably as a result of this and most of us having raided across numerous expansions, our approach to raid leading does not include the shouting, cursing and telling people how bad they are which can be common. Instead we rely on our raiders to be involved on the community forums to develop strategies for boss kills and be able to evaluate their own performance and work to constantly improve.

The usual guild rules section detailing attendance, loot etc can be found by clicking on the hat to the left.



Guild Leader: Melamber - Herder of Cats towards instances and Feasts

Recruitment Guru: Borelia - Nice Guy, offers cookies and suck you in



Friends and Family - Peeps we meet on the way, raiders can invite as default to the guild


A place for Burn to keep his 50 Toons


Trial status for entry to the raid team


Where old raiders go to afk and occasionally come to farm

What Foundation can offer to you:

  • Reliable raids. There will always be raids going on at the set times. We have an active website to ensure this.
  • A community. We are nice, friendly and helpful.
  • A place for alts. Get as many in the guild as you wish. You’re not stuck with the character that’s used to apply to Foundation.
  • We use a loot council distribution method.

What we expect from you:

  • Attendance. We're a raiding guild with a 3 nights a week progress schedule. At least 2 of these should be attended in order to maintain a full raider rank.
  • Maturity. We expect everyone to uphold the guild's good name. Those who are frequent/trade trolls, excessively insulting, being antisocial elitists or being unable to listen to officers are not welcome.
  • Be reliable. We’re well organized during a raid, but constant disconnects and afk’ing during a raid will not make you through the trial period.
  • Knowledge. Raiding means knowing how to use the character(s) you bring to the fullest, and how to use them on each encounter. Come prepared, or you’re out for the night.
  • Don’t be a stranger! Get to know people a little and you’ll find this a very enjoyable guild. Being on teamspeak during a raid is required.

Raiding times:

Raid times are stated below but you should be online 15 minutes before at 20:45 to facilitate team picks. We aim to pull boss/trash on the hour.

Everyone is expected to be online for raid invites unless an AFK post is provided on the forums.

Main Raids (time can be extended close to a kill where the progress team is in agreement):

  • Wednesday: 21:00- 00:00 (Server Time)
  • Thursday: 21:00 – 00.00 (Server Time)
  • Monday: 21:00- 00:00 (Server Time)

At the start of each tier, we will have the intention to raid 4 days for 2-4 lockouts. This extra day will be Sunday: 20:45 - 00:00.

Flasks, Feasts and Vantus Runes are provided by the guild - we are always looking for donations of Materials to help out!

Trialing with us

We typically operate a 4 week or 6 raid trial period, during later stages of a tier where a boss is being extended to snag a kill this may increase - we encourage trials to participate in the guild, run M+ with raiders, turn up to sunday alt/farm run and help us get to know you.

By being a active member we think is an asset to the team a trial period may end faster during those periods of extension and the likelihood we bring you into a deep progress fight is far higher.


If you are AFK or unable to attend a raid, you will be required to update your personal AFK thread to reflect this. This is your thread and you will be expected to keep it up to date. If you are unable to update it, please contact an officer or trusted guild member to update your AFK thread where required.


Foundation uses RC Loot Council

Members of the Loot Council are: Melamber, Borelia

During Trial, Trials are on the very bottom of the loot priority but ahead of any socials in a raid.

Socials are lowest on and loot prio below any mains coming to alt/chill runs where they are looking to gear towards guild progress.

Offspec/Alt Prio will be determined by the leadership team based on which is most utilized during raids.

RC Lootcouncil selections are visible throughout the raid, (votes are not), just hitting BiS will be noticed by the whole raid.

Late Arrival - At 21:01 (Without Forewarning):

Any member who fails to supply an AFK/Late Post in their personal thread will be noticed and may affect their eligibility for loot - particularly Titanforges

If the impression is you are not reliable, loot will go to those that are!

Non-Guild Members

In the event that players outside the guild are invited to a raid in-order to complete the raid group (PUG), personal loot will be selected.

Non guild members will not be considered for legendary items, quest items, mounts or pets where a guild member is also after the item.

Mounts and Pets


Legendary Items

Leadership team discusses these before a patch release. Factors that can affect the outcome are player’s rank, time in guild, performance and loyalty.

Quest Items

Quest items from raids (that will affect the guild or raid), will be distributed on item by-item basis by the lootmaster or leadership team.

Crafting Patterns

Crafting Patterns: Discussed by the leadership team at the time of the pattern drop. Typically will be roll based.

Crafting Materials

These are put straight into the guild bank and are available to members of the guild with active raiders having priority.


In the first instance these will be distributed in the same way as standard loot, via loot council as above. Anyone found to not equip and use the item and instead sell the item will removed from the guild.

Following this the items will be sold on the AH for guild bank gold but are available to raiders on a first come first serve basis at half the auction house value at time of sale.

You will be expected to pass the BOE to the Lootmaster after you loot it.

If it is a BOE that you need, you can equip it, We expect you to equip it.

This does not affect bonus roll BOEs, this is only trash drops.

Trials are not expected to hand over BoE's - we don't feel it would be fair to trial you, take you 955/1000 ilvl pants off you and then potentially fail your trial.

Kill videos can be found @




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