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    This Lore bit focuses on Vol’Jin, the current Warchief of the Horde.

    Let’s Begin

    (spoilers for Warcraft III, The Book Shadows of the Horde )

    The Trials of the Loa

    As with all the troll Lore, we don’t know much about how he was born etc., what we know that he was born one the islands of the Darkspear among his tribe. In his youth his best friend was named Zalazane they would do a lot of things together, such as wrestling, fishing hunting and enjoying the Mojo.

    One day, his father Sen’Jin who was a very powerful Witch Doctor and the leading spiritual figure of the Darkspear Trolls looked into the Flames and had a vision that there were changes ahead for the Darkspear Tribe and Vol’Jin needed to be ready. So he sent him to the “First Home” which was a part of the Darkspear Island where only fools and Shadow Hunters would go to. Vol’Jin, however, was neither a fool nor a Shadow Hunter so he convinced his friend Zalazane to join him on this journey and together they faced the challenges that were given to them by the Loa (ancient spirits of those who had the power to exist even after their death). During the trial of the Loa, Vol’Jin received a vision of the future. He saw himself working together with Orcs and Tauren and talking with an Orc named Thrall. He saw a fight between himself and his best friend Zalazane who thought that he was not the best leader for their people. He saw Garrosh kill Cairn in an arena and other things that would impact him and the future of his tribe. But these Visions would come at a cost. The Loa would cause him pain beyond imagination – more than a few broken bones or “Just a flesh wound.” He could not think, his mind got numb under this pain and the Loa would whisper to him, “There is cliff nearby; the fall would end his pain” and Vol’Jin in his pain and almost drunken mind realised that it was true, that it would end the pain. Or that he had to endure the pain to earn the skill of seeing the Loa, so he closed his eyes and waited till the pain was over.

    In the second Trial, Vol’Jin would stand at a crossroad with two ways in front of him. One road would lead him to live the easy life with the finest women and booze around him with a little golden chain around his foot and the stand of his throne.
    The other road would lead him to be wounded and fighting surrounded by the enemy – constantly fighting, always struggling.
    Vol’Jin laughed as if the choice was difficult. He would always choose freedom and never find happiness, but in the end he would have his freedom.

    The Loa answered him and told him that the choice itself wasn’t the test but if he had hesitated even for a moment he would have failed. Passing this trial earned him the ability to hear the Loa.
    The final Trial had Vol’Jin fighting with something that looked like a shadowy form of his father. He was confused why this thing that looked so similar to his father – and yet so different – was striking out at him. In the battle, Vol’Jin’s hand was broken and twisted as the spirits sent the Shadow away. The hand would heal over time but the thumb would stay misshapen – he would never again throw a knife with this hand, hold a glaive, hunt or signal for the attack. But there was a way to fix it. All Trolls were blessed by the Loa with some form of regeneration. They could regrow fingers and toes, even organs and more complex things but for this he would need to get rid of the destroyed part and regenerate the new part over time. So he cut off his own thumb.
    After doing so, another Loa appeared before him – someone who looked younger and familiar. The Vision of him fighting Zalazane was playing out before them and the Loa asked him why he was fighting one of his own kin and a friend. he would kill anyone who would pose a threat to his Tribe. “The Tribe is everything,” Vol’Jin said, “The future is everything,” and the Loa agreed. Vol’Jin did not cut off his thumb to save his life, he did it to save his future and the future of the Tribe.
    For passing the Final trial, Vol’Jin was granted the power of communicating with the Loa, although the Loa will not always do what you ask from them. But they would give him a fair hearing. Having passed all three trials, Vol’Jin was now a Shadow Hunter – a master of the Voodoo Magic with Loa at his side.
    As Zalazane and Vol’Jin made their way home, they thought that these Visions may only be paths of the future which may never come true.
    As they left their first home, the Visions were fading and only 3 words stayed behind.

    Endure ,… True,… Fierce..

    The New Lands

    For Vol’Jin and Zalazane it felt like only a week had passed, but in reality it has been 3 months and the Visions of Sen’jin came true. Warchief Thrall had led his people west but on his way to the promised land of Kalimdor, a storm had stranded his ships on the Islands of the Darkspear Trolls. It is there that they met with Sen’jin.

    Not only the Orcs arrived at the island, a few weeks earlier, humans arrived and established an outpost on the island and started hunting the trolls with no remorse.
    While the Orcs and Trolls battled together to take down the Humans, a third party attacked them from behind and managed to capture Thrall, a few orcs and Sen’jin. The Murlocs had plans of their own with the island. The Murlocs had been capturing trolls for some time to sacrifice them to an unknown witch who lived under the sea.
    Although captured, Thrall managed to free himself and Sen’jin, but the Troll got taken away in the battle and Thrall was too late. The Murlocs were quick and ruthless with their strike and took Sen’jin down. With his last words, Sen’jin said to Thrall, “In my Vision, you were the one who would lead my people off this island.” With these words, Sen’jin faded away.
    The remaining Trolls followed Thrall and around this time, Vol’Jin and Zalazane returned from their trials at their ’First Home’. The news of his father’s death did not surprise Vol’Jin and with the trolls having an opportunity to leave the island, he led the evacuation of the tribe, gathered all the supplies they could find and angered the Sea witch on their path even more. A year had passed when they rejoined with their Orc brethren. In that time, Thrall fulfilled his destiny and took on the mighty Archimonde and the Burning Legion. After the fight was over, Thrall and Jaina – who had teamed up in the fight against the Legion – decided that they would try to keep the peace and the agreed that Jaina would build Theramore so there could be a easier communication between the Horde and the Alliance.

    The Orcs would build up Orgrimmar and the Trolls would find a new home in the Echo Isles.

    Theramore & Sen’jin Village

    The Darkspear Tribe could not catch a breath though. Grand Admiral Proudmoore was visiting his daughter in Theramore while simultaneously striking out against the Orcs and Trolls. Together with Rexxar, they defeated Admiral Proudmoore in Theramore but meanwhile, Zalazane had gone mad with power and was controlling some of the Darkspear trolls with his magic. Vol’Jin was forced to evacuate his people to a fishing village called Sen’jin at the coast of Durotar out of fear that more of his tribe could fall for this magic.

    (Nothing much now till Wrath)

    Zalazane’s Fight

    (In the opening of Wrath of the Lich King Heroes were tasked to help Vol’Jin to reclaim the Echo Isles with the aid of several powerful trolls. Zen’tabra and other powerful witch doctors from the Darkspear tribe had trained in the ways of the druid and aided Vol’Jin in the fight against Zalazane.)

    Before Vol’Jin could enter the battle, he wanted to request the help of the Loa – namely the Loa of Death, Bwonsamdi. He summoned him and the following conversation took place between Bwonsamdi and Vol’Jin:

    Bwonsamdi: “WHO BE STIRRIN UP MY BONES? Dem´s Bwonsamdi´s charges. And not ta be touched!”

    Vol’Jin: “ I be Vol’Jin. Son of Sen’Jin, here ta ask your aid, o great Bwonsamdi.”

    Bwonsamdi: “ I know who ya are, shadow hunter. An I know what ya WANT. But what makes you tink I’m gonna help YOU? Ain’t a wise thing, callin’ me from de other Side..”

    Vol’Jin: “ I ain’t askin’ for me alone, Great Spirit, but on behalf of da Darkspear Tribe… on behalf of me PEOPLE”

    Bwonsamdi: “ Darkspear… it been a long time since i heard de drums… since I drank de ritual offering. I be watchin over your dead Vol’Jin, and for NOTHIN’. Why have de Darkspear forsaken Bwonsamdi, eh?”

    Vol’Jin:” We were driven away. Great Spirit Hexmaster Zalazane took de Isles from us… drove us mad, made us fight one another. De only trolls left in de Echo Isles are his mindless voodoo slaves.”

    Bwonsamdi:” Zalazane…”

    Vol’Jin:” Aid us, Bwonsamdi! Help us regain our home! Return de Darkspear to de Isles and hear your Drums again! Drink your ritual offerings once more! Dis, as de Son of Sen’Jin, I swear.”

    Bwonsamdi:” Hrmmm. Time ta see how bad ya want dis, shadow hunter. Time ta see if you be WORTHY.”

    After Bwonsamdi said the last sentence, zombies emerged from the ground and attacked Vol’Jin and the heroes.

    Bwonsamdi “This be your trial Vol’Jin”

    After the Zombies were slain, Vol’Jin, his Trolls and the heroes made their way to fight Zalazane.

    But Zalazane was prepared. He lured Vol’Jin into a trap and let his mindless trolls attack him. He was a formidable enemy and even cast a shield unto himself that no living being could pierce through.

    Zalazane yelled “No matter! I can’t be touched. NO living ting can make its way through dis barrier! Da Echo Isles be Zalazane’s ta rule, Shadow Hunter! Now. and FOREVER!”

    Bwonsamdi just laughed at him.

    Zalazane: “ Who…. who dat be?”

    Bwonsamdi:” ZALAZANE. What you tinkin’, takin’ dat which be mine? De Darkspear dead are MY domaine, sorcerer… and now you gonna be one of dem!”

    Zalazane yelled in pain while the Heroes finished him off. After the battle, Vol’Jin said :
    “A fittin’ end for so foul a troll. Bwonsamdi, you have my tanks, and dat of all de Darkspear. We will continue to honor you, as is proper.”

    And Bwonsamdi Answered him as he faded away, “It’ll be good to hear de Darkspear drums once more. You take care now, Son of Sen’Jin. Bwonsamdi will be waitin’ for ya… on de Other Side…”
    With this battle, the Echo Isles where again the home of the Darkspear Trolls. But it also showed Vol’Jin that several of the Visions that the Loa showed him became reality.

    The Cataclysm Is Coming

    Before the Cataclysm would strike the world, the Horde would see a new Warchief in Garrosh. He andVol’Jin already did not have the best of relationships. When Garrosh killed Cairn in Mak’gora (a fight to the death), Vol’Jin had thoughts of leaving the Horde.

    When the Cataclysm hit the world, Vol’Jin’s thoughts about how unstable the Horde is culminated in a conversation with Garrosh; he did not stop himself and just let loose on the Warchief. The conversation went as follows:

    Garrosh: “Don’t talk back to me, troll. You know who was left in charge here. Haven’t you stopped to ask yourself why Thrall chose me instead of you?”

    Vol’Jin: “Dere be no question why, Garrosh. He gave ya tha title because ya be Grom’s son and because tha people be wantin’ a war hero. I tink ya be even more like ya father den ya thought. Even witout da demon blood.”

    Garrosh: ”You are lucky that I don’t gut you right here, whelp. You are foolish to think that you can speak to your Warchief in such ways.

    Vol’Jin: ”Ya be no Warchief of mine. Ya not earned my respect and I’ll not be seein’ tha Horde destroyed by ya foolish thirst for war.”

    Garrosh: “ And what exactly do you think that you are going to do about it? Your threats are hollow. Go slink away with the rest of your kind to the slums. I will endure your filth in my throne room no longer.”

    Vol’Jin: “I know exactly what I’ll be doin’ about it, son of Hellscream. I’ll watch and wait as ya people slowly become aware of ya ineptitude. I’ll laugh as dey grow ta despise ya as i do.” “And when tha time comes dat ya failure is complete and ya “power” is meaningless. I will be dere to end ya rule swiftly and silently.” Ya will spend ya reign glancin’ over ya shoulda and fearin’ tha shadows, for when that time comes and ya blood be slowly drainin out, ya will know exactly who fired tha arrow dat pierced ya black heart.”

    Garrosh: ” You have sealed your fate, troll”

    Vol’Jin: “And you yours, “Warchief” “

    Vol’Jin had not yet decided if he was to stay or leave the Horde. He led his people out of Orgrimmar and wanted to get advice from his old friend, Thrall, on how he should continue.

    But before he could do that, an old enemy reappeared – the Sea Witch that killed his father and drove them from their old home. She appeared on the Echo Isles and, together with the Heroes, he went to face her. When they arrived they saw that the Sea Witch was actually a Naga. When the battle was over, Vol’Jin noticed how strong the Naga was and he absorbed some of her power. With the power that he gained and the feeling that he had avenged his father and eliminated an old enemy of his tribe, he was ready to cast a spell that allowed him to communicate with Thrall over a long distance.

    Thrall: ” Vol’Jin. It’s good to see you, brother.”

    Vol’Jin: “Thrall! I am glad ye be well. Dere were rumors otherwise.”

    Thrall: “Indeed. Someone did try to kill me. But that is not my greatest concern at this moment. The world itself calls for my aid.” (GREEN FUCKING JESUS)

    Vol’Jin: ”I must beg ya council, my friend. I can’t be standin’ by Garrosh while he be turnin’ our people against each other for tha sake of war. My respect for you does not extend to dis new Horde… I am tinkin of leadin’ my people away.”

    Thrall: ”Vol’Jin, I chose Garrosh because he has the strength to lead our people during these trying times. For all my supposed wisdom, there have been moments where I’ve barely been able to hold the Horde together. The Wrath Gate and Undercity displayed that clearly enough.
    The Horde cries for a Hero of old. An orc of true blood that will bow to no human and bear no betrayal. A warrior that will make our people proud again. Garrosh can be that hero.
    I did not make this decision lightly, Vol’Jin, I know our alliances will suffer for it. I know the Horde will be irreversibly changed .But I made this choice with confidence that Garrosh is exactly what the Horde needs.
    I’m trusting you and the other leaders to not let this divide our people. You are stronger than that.”

    Vol’Jin: ”I understand, brotha. I will tink on this and be troublin’ ya no furtha. You have a world to be savin.”

    After the image of Thrall faded, Vol’Jin said “Dese be dark times, but our people will be stayin’ with tha Horde for that good of all.”
    “Thrall’s words be true. Dey always be. The Horde is more den a few old, stubborn leaders and a handful of heroes from Northrend. The people be cryin’ Garrosh’s name … at least for now.”
    “Still, I be hopin’ Thrall will return to us one day, tha future right now be lookin’ very grim…. And very bloody.”

    Vol’jin and the Darkspear tribe will stay with the Horde for now.

    Rise of the Zandalari

    When the Zandalari, under the Orders of King Rastakhan, united the different tribes of the Trolls and rebuilt their empire, Vol’Jin turned his back to his fellow Trolls and stuck with the Horde.

    When heroes were tasked with dealing with the Gurubashi and Amani Trolls in Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub, he aided the heroes in their task and together they took the battle to the Gurubashi and in the final battle against Jin’do, the troll did something unthinkable in the eyes of the trolls. He chained the spirit of the god Hakkar into the living world and forced him to give him his power to defeat his enemies, but of course it would not work and the Heroes sent Jin’do the Godbreaker back to the dead. When the chains broke the Spirit of Hakkar had a final message to the Heroes and Vol’Jin “I will deal with you mortals another time”

    But the Amani tribe was an even bigger enemy and he asked for the help of a Blood Elf named Halduron Brightwing who was the current Ranger General of the Farstrider Rangers. To aid them with their mission, Halduron personally requested the aid of Vereesa Windrunner and her Silver Covenant. But the Leader of the Blood Elves, Lor’themar Theron, was not happy about this and he sent a messenger to Vol’Jin asking why this exile is in their lands. But Halduron didn’t care, he did not have enough forces and he wanted an ally.

    Vol’Jin explained the matter at hand to his forces after they had calmed down and the messenger had been sent back with a message to Lor’themar explaining their plans.

    King Rastakhan want to unite all the tribes under the Amani banner, explained Vol’Jin, and we need to stop this.Together, the Trolls would pose a big threat to the Eastern Kingdoms and its people.

    So wth a group of Heroes, Vol’jin clears Zul’Aman they kill the champions and take down the Zandalari plans of rebuilding the Troll Empire.

    War is Coming

    With the Cataclysm over and the Dragon Aspects saying that now is the age of the mortals,Garrosh saw the time had come for war.

    He ordered all of the leaders of the Horde to come to Orgrimmar before his throne so that he could lay out his plans to bring the fight to the Alliance. He told them that they are going to march against Northwatch Hold and then lay siege to Theramore and eliminate any Alliance forces left on Kalimdor.

    With Garrosh’s plans laid out, the other leaders of the Horde of course were not eager to start a war with the Alliance that would lead to more bloodshed having just survivied the Cataclysm. Maybe they would be able to succeed in the first step of Garrosh’s plans but what would happen after the strikes against the Alliance on Kalimdor? Quel’thalas and the Undercity would be vulnerable to the retribution that would clearly come. But Garrosh would not listen to the advice of the other leaders that this plan was not a good one but instead he would only hear those loyal to him – Orcs like Malkorok. The other leaders are his to command and he told them to either do as they are told or be crushed by the might of his axe. So the leaders gave in and went back to their people and prepared them for the war to come.

    “Blood and Honor.” These were the words of the Orcs but Garrosh did not care for these words anymore. The only thing that he wanted was more power, so he forced the Elements to help the Horde forces in their attack of Northwatch Hold. This was a clear cut from the once honor-driven Orc to the power-hungry and war-hungering Orc that everyone could see now. The Earthen Ring, who were the guardians of the Earth Mother, told Garrosh to stop. To use Molten Giants in battle was dangerous it could lead to a second Cataclysm.

    Bain heard of Garrosh’s use of the Elements and confronted him about this asked him what was he thinking, but Garrosh, without batting an eyelid,ordered him to continue with the battle as planned.

    Bain was outraged over this and he decided to send a messenger to Theramore to warn Jaina Proudmoore of the oncoming attack. It didn’t matter though because Garrosh wanted the Alliance forces in Theramore to prepare their defenses. He had his forces hold out in Northwatch Hold and let the Alliance prepare. After days of waiting, he gave the order to march against Theramore. In that time, Jaina had gathered the elite of the Alliance – the Kirin Tor had gathered to help them and even the Blue Dragon, Kalecgos, awaited the forces of the Horde. As Garrosh pressed the attack and the horde pushed through to the courtyard, the Dragon tried to seal the attackers in with his ice magic. Vol’Jin saw what was coming and told Garrosh to retreat; Garrosh agreed and the Horde forces pulled back. However, what the other leaders of the Horde did not know that this was Garrosh’s plan from the beginning to let the Alliance gather all of its finest forces onto one spot … and destroy them with one single mana bomb.

    Baine and Vol’Jin were disgusted with this dishonorable action but Garrosh didn’t care and he left for Orgrimmar to celebrate their victory, but Baine and Vol’Jin did not join them. They met in an Inn in Razor Hill in Durotar. No words were spoken in the meeting, just a single glance told them all that they needed to know.
    In the meantime, Malkorok found out that people were meeting in the Inn in Razor Hill and he wanted to end any who were not following the Warchief’s vision, so he ordered his Kor’kron to destroy the inn and kill anyone inside.
    Word of this reached Vol’Jin and he decided that he was going to lead his people out of Orgrimmar and back to the Echo Isles. There, he would meditate and communicate with the Loa to think about his next steps.
    Before he could do this, a shaman in a Kanuu arrived and told him that the Alliance war fleet was approaching. Jaina Proudmoore survived the bombing of Theramore and she planned to flood Orgrimmar with water, but Garrosh released the Kraken against the Alliance fleet and Jaina turned her attention to the Kraken and saved the fleet from destruction.

    But the Warchief wasn’t done. He realised that he needed more power, that even the Kraken wasn’t enough. He had to go bigger – enslave the elementals and had to just get more Power.

    Baine and Vol’jin visited Garrosh and Baine told Garrosh that there never could be a second Theramore, that he was loyal to the horde but he would not let it happen again. Vol’Jin did not say much in the conversation, he just did not want to speak out against the Warchief and have him turn on his people. The Echo Isles were not far from Orgrimmar and he kept a low profile.

    A New Land Appears

    A small group of Heroes were sent to the new-found land of Pandaria to prepare the land for the invasion of the Warchief. Two months after the Heroes arrived, the Warchief and his fleet arrived and claimed a piece of land and named it ‘Domination Point’ – a fortress of the Horde on the new continent.
    Vol’Jin didn’t know about Garrosh’s intentions and wanted to see the new land himself, so he made a visit to the new fortress. The Warchief asks him:

    Garrosh: “ Vol’Jin. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be on your island kissing frogs?”

    Vol’Jin: “ The question is, what are WE doin’ here? Yeh bring ‘dis war to anudder corner of Azeroth, and I wana know why.”

    Garrosh: “ Your lack of vision is why your people are still primitives, and your lack of loyalty is why I did not summon the Darkspear for this campaign.”
    “Look around you, Vol’Jin. This land is rich in resources: wood, stone, iron, fuel. And people.”
    “A show of might on these shores will make the Pandaren think twice about joining the Alliance.”

    Vol’Jin “All dis bloodshed make everyone tink twice ‘bout joinin’ da Horde.”

    Garrosh: ”This is the difference between me and you, Vol’Jin. I won’t let MY people starve to death in the desert. I will stop at nothing – NOTHING – to ensure a proud and glorious future for the orcs and anyone with the courage to stand with us.”
    “There is something that you can do, troll, to demonstrate your value to the Horde. A mission in the heart of this continent”

    Vol’Jin: “ I will go, but only as a witness for my people. Someone gotta keep you in check, Garrosh.”

    And so the Warchief sent out Vol’Jin and a group of Heroes to investigate a cave in the
    Kun Lai summit where the Saurok were practicing dark magic. Magic that can shape flesh and bone. When they cleared the cave, the Kor’kron that accompanied them told Vol’Jin:

    “Troll! You know all about this… voodoo. What can you find?”

    Vol’Jin” ‘Dese “Mogu.” dey workin’ wicked dark magic here.”
    “Da Saurok, ‘dey not born – ‘dey was created flesh, shaped an’ bent.”
    “Dis be the blackest of magics, mon!”

    And the Kor’kron leader cried out:

    “Yes! The power to shape flesh, to build warriors, This is what the Warchief wants!”

    Vol’Jin: ”Garrosh playing god? Making monsters? Dis ain’t what da Horde is about!”

    Meanwhile the Kor’kron leader walked up to Vol’Jin and yelled out while he struck his dagger into Vol’Jin’s neck!

    “He knew you were a traitor!” Star wars gif TRAITOR for comedic effect

    When the Heroes killed the Kor’kron, Vol’jin tells the Heroes:

    Vol’jin “Da… Warchief shows… his hand.” “ Dis be what da Horde come to? Killin’ its own? We can’t let dis happen.”
    “Heroes, I need ya. Go back to da Warchief. Tell ‘im I’m dead. Stay close to ‘im. Watch ‘im.”
    “ You en’ me, we move to take ‘im out when da time is right.”
    “Others are like me. You gotta find ‘em.”
    “I gonna disappear for a while. Don’t forget about me.”

    And the Heroes leave him and go back to the Warchief and tell him that Vol’Jin had fallen.

    The Zandalari Return

    While the Heroes leave Vol’Jin, his old friend Chen Stormstout finds him and brings him to the Shado Pan Monastery.

    Taran’zhu, the leader of the Shado Pan, lets Vol’Jin stay at the Monastery with his other guest – a human named Tyrathan Khort who had fallen at the battle of the Serpent’s Heart. Taran’zhu planned to bring the two together to learn from the different mindsets of the Horde and the Alliance. But he also saw two parts of the Pandaren philosophy in the two outsiders and wanted them to learn their fate here. He describes Vol’jin as Tushui and Tyrathan as Hojin. These two things act like Yin and Yang – if together, they balance each other out.

    Explanation Tushui:

    Is the way of a principled life. Followers who live by this philosophy believe that there is a moral certainty to the world. One correct path of right and wrong. These values are immutable and must be preserved no matter what the cost.
    As the Pandaren say of those who follow this path : “Patience is the highest virtue, discipline and practice lead us to our full potential.”

    Explanation Houjin:

    Practical and decisive action is the way of the Huojin and the followers of this philosophy believe that morals and ideas are not absolute, but change with circumstances.
    As the Pandaren say who follow this path: “The greatest virtue is the will to act. The time to act is always now!”

    As an attentive reader would see, these two philosophies and the two individuals are the opposite of what their faction would represent. The Alliance Human who takes action over evaluating the situation and reacting in the manner of the rather thoughtful Alliance.
    And the Horde Troll, who holds up his morals higher than everything else and is rather patient than his faction leader who takes action and then sees what comes of it.

    Vol’Jin started his recovery with the aid of Tyrathan and learned more about the Humans. How they live with their challenges, their belief in what is right and their mortality. He also trains with the Monks of the Shado Pan which wasn’t easy because he is a Shadow Hunter. His connection with the Loa gave him trouble as their fighting style is to master the chaos and use it to hurt the enemy, while the monks try to achieve balance with their fighting. Despite their difference, he learned from them and he learned fast.
    As he trained with the monks, he received a vision from the Loa of ships with the crest of the Zandalari on them. At first he thinks that this is a vision from the past, but then he believes that it’s a vision of his future granted by the Loa teasing him with a future of conquest. In reality, it was a warning of the ongoing plans of the Zandalari who were resurrecting the Thunder King to take over the world again. Eventually, he would see that these visions would happen in the present and he would ask Taran’zhu for maps but the maps would not show the island he had seen because it was the Isle of Thunder.

    After some time, Taran’zhu and Vol’jin would figure out what’ was going on but with the Mantid invasion and the Sha being on the uprise, their forces were spread thin. Taran’zhu was fetching a plan to enlist the aid of the Horde and the Alliance to press the attack on the Isle of Thunder while Vol’Jin, Tyrathan and Chen Stormstout would try their best to to slow down the Zandalari invasion. They were doing pretty well until they walked right into a trap laid by Kalak – a Troll sent by King RastaKhan to aid the Zandalari in their invasion. She captured Tyrathan and forced the others to lay down their weapons. At that point, they were captured but Kalak did not imprison Vol’jin straight away. Instead, she offers him and his tribe a place at the side of the Zandalari to recapture their fallen and destroyed kingdoms of the Trolls. This offer was very tempting for Vol’jin as his fate in the Horde was unsure as it stood with Garrosh. He could decide to wipe the Darkspear off the map any day with him being presumed dead, but yet he refused.
    His job as a Shadow Hunter was to do what was best for the trolls and what he saw with the Zandalari was not the best for the trolls.

    He answered Kalak with these words: “The past be important. We can and must be learning from it, but it cannot shackle us. The old ways be valuable but only as a foundation for the future we choose to be building.”

    And with that he set out to free his comrades and do as much damage as possible to the Zandalari invasion. They blew up the ship on which they were captured and made their way back to the monastery.
    When they arrived there, Vol’jin said to Taran’zhu that they had to leave the Monastery and get in a better position to face the forces that were coming after them. But Taran’zhu refused and said that his is the place where they planned to overthrow the Mogu oppressors so many years ago and he would not give the monastery up.

    There, they were outnumbered 33 to 500 with an army marching toward them consisting of the Zandalari, Amani, Gurubashi and a few Mogu. The battle began and they tried their best to hold them back but with time they were pushed back into the monastery and from the 33 at the start, a meer 14 were left and the only one who seemed to had not been gettin out of breath seemed to be Taran’zhu. At one point, a Mogu came charging at Vol’jin with a spear and he would have impaled him had it not been for Tyrathan who pushed him out of the way and got hit by the spear right into his belly. Taran’zhu jumped in and made quick end to the Mogu. The battle raged on and Vol’Jin and Kalak stood in front of each other.This pissed Kalak off as she was displeased that Vol’jin had refused her offer to join the Zandalari, but also because she had a bit of a crush on him. They fought each other but Vol’jin put his newly-learned Monk skills to use and punched her straight on the windpipe. Having seen how their leader was defeated, the remaining enemy forces retreated and ran away.
    Now Vol’jin turned his attention to Tyrathan who lay on the ground with his hands on his belly fighting with death. Vol’jin communicated with the Loa Bwonsamdi, the Loa of Death, and he agreed to not take Tyrathan just yet because of all the Troll spirits they sent him and all the spirits that Vol’jin promised to send him in future.

    With Heroes in the Throne of Thunder killing the Thunder King, the Zandalari invasion had failed and Vol’jin left the monastery and returned to his people.

    The Darkspear Rebellion

    While Vol’jin was away a lot of things happened, Garrosh had gathered mighty artifacts and had gathered even more power. Meanwhile on the other side Thrall had led the liberation of the Darkspear in Sen’jin Village and got rid of the Kor’kron guards there. Now the Darkspear Tribe was ready for a rebellion.

    In Orgrimmar, Garrosh had his Kor’kron forces “clean” the city and capture anyone who could pose a threat to him. The city’s face had changed, Trolls were held at gunpoint, the friendly drunk, Gamon, was surrounded by Kor’kron guards. Warlord Zaela and the DragonMaw had allied with Garrosh and the city looked more like a military fort than a city of many races.

    The time for revolution had come.

    Vol’Jin and Thrall met up in Sen’Jin village with Chen Stormstout. Garrosh sent his forces to kill them all, but they were no match for them and they drove them back. And so Vol’jin pressed the attack and took the fight forward, starting on Razor Hill.

    When they took Razor Hill, Vol’jin held a speech as a new guest arrived:

    Vol’jin: “It be done! Razor Hill is ours! Da Warchief probably see da fires all the way from Grommash Hold…”

    Baine Bloodhoof “ Vol’jin – you’re alive! It is true then – an open rebellion against the Warchief.”

    Vol’jin “Baine. We be needin’ ya support. Razor Hill be but an outpost – the walls of Orgrimmar be fortified since da Cataclysm.”

    Baine “I must tread carefully. Many of my people are still within Orgrimmar.”

    Vol’jin” Lor’themar be ready to strike once he finis wit da Isle of Thunder, and da Banshee Queen need no excuse, but they both across da sea. Without ya strength, we can’t breach the city. I need tauren arms.”

    Baine” We are preparing. I just need time to ensure the safety of my people. But Vol’jin… Garrosh has turned Orgrimmar into a fortress. You may need to seek out allies… beyond the Horde.”

    After they prepared their forces the Siege of Orgrimmar could begin.

    We will Jump ahead now since in the siege nothing of real importance happens so we will go straight to the end of the siege.

    As the newly appointed Warchief, Vol’jin has the task of holding his new Horde together. With the Banshee Queen becoming more and more of a threat to the Alliance … and the Horde.

    But “Darkspear Never Die”

    With this we are ending the room of canon Lore and looking towards Legion. There are rumors of what happens to Vol’Jin and it looks interesting so far but we will see. My guess is that this X-Pac we will see more of Sylvanas in the middle of the X-Pac and near the end then maybe more screen time for the both of them.

    Post Legion scriptum: He Dead

    As always thanks to Vene for proofreading and you guys for reading the whole damn thing.


    Up next: The Lich King (that will take a while and probably have more words than all my previous bits combined and doubled so yeah fun.)
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    Still Dead? Well sort of!

    - The Heros and Picess Talanji and Master Gadrin go a Resurect the Spirit of Voljin.

    - Voljin's Body is dead but his spirit is neither alive nor gone to the Abyss or the Afterlife as it is on Azeroth he is in between being held by a power he does not know.

    - Voljin does not know which spirit has told him to make Sylvanas the Warchief and who is holding his spirit in this in between state.

    - Future 8.1 lore in coming - The Heros and Voljin go and meet various powerful beings to find out who has kept him from vanishing into the abyss completly.

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