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Discussion in 'Guild Rules' started by Melamber, 22 Nov 2017.

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    Foundation uses RC Loot Council

    With the following rolling Options: (TBD for BFA)

    4 Piece - you have 3 Tier pieces and this will be your 4th*
    2 Piece - you have 1 Tier piece and this will be your 2nd*
    Other Piece - I don't have Tier, or i have 2 set and want a 3rd* and once I have 4 pieces this is the correct piece.
    BIS Trinket/Relic - This is my Best in Slot Trinket/Trait (Crucible Rolls do not apply)
    Upgrade - This Item is for your Mainspec
    Sidegrade - This Item is good but not the center of my world
    Offspec - This Item is for your Offspec
    Reroll Tier/Relic – I have this Tier piece/relic and want to reroll it for a chance for Titanforging or traits.
    Transmog - self explanatory
    *Tier pieces are prio to get 4 piece not the right pieces

    Members of the Loot Council are: Melamber, Borelia, Tregy, Times, Tramkop

    During Trial, Trials are on the very bottom of the loot priority but ahead of any socials in a raid.

    Socials are lowest on and loot prio below any mains coming to alt/chill runs where they are looking to gear towards guild progress.

    Offspec/Alt Prio will be determined by the leadership team based on which is most utilized during raids.

    RC Lootcouncil selections are visible throughout the raid, (votes are not), just hitting 4 piece for every tier will be noticed by the whole raid.

    Late Arrival - At 21:01 (Without Forewarning):

    Any member who fails to supply an AFK/Late Post in their personal thread will be noticed and may affect their eligibility for loot - particularly Titanforges and Tier..

    If the impression is you are not reliable, loot will go to those that are!

    Non-Guild Members

    In the event that players outside the guild are invited to a raid in-order to complete the raid group (PUG), personal loot will be selected.

    Non guild members will not be considered legendary items, quest items, mounts or pets where a guild member is also after the item.

    What happens for tier, mounts, legendary items etc?

    These items all have their own criteria as follows:

    Tier Pieces

    Tier tokens will be shared out following the loot rules, with prio given to set bonuses at the leadership team's discretion.

    Mounts and Pets


    Legendary Items

    Leadership team discusses these before a patch release. Factors that can affect the outcome are player’s rank, time in guild, performance and loyalty.

    Quest Items

    Quest items from raids (that will affect the guild or raid), will be distributed on item by-item basis by the lootmaster or leadership team.

    Crafting Patterns

    Crafting Patterns: Discussed by the leadership team at the time of the pattern drop. Typically will be roll based.

    Crafting Materials

    These are put straight into the guild bank and are available to members of the guild with active raiders having priority.


    In the first instance these will be distributed in the same way as standard loot, via loot council as above. Anyone found to not equip and use the item and instead sell the item will removed from the guild.

    Following this the items will be sold on the AH for guild bank gold but are available to raiders on a first come first serve basis at half the auction house value at time of sale.

    You will be expected to pass the BOE to the Lootmaster after you loot it.

    If it is a BOE that you need, you can equip it, We expect you to equip it.

    This does not affect bonus roll BOEs, this is only trash drops.

    Trials are not expected to hand over BoE's - we don't feel it would be fair to trial you, take you 955/1000 ilvl pants off you and then potentially fail your trial.
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