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Blockaholic - Frost Mage

Discussion in 'Applications' started by MarcoTheGrand, 16 May 2018.

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  1. MarcoTheGrand

    MarcoTheGrand New Member

    16 May 2018
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    Name - Marcus (Marco for short)

    Age - 28

    Tell us a little about yourself - I'm from Manchester, England. Degree in Law, work in private sector security. As well as gaming I'm involved in local and national politics (don't worry! I won't start a revolution in guild chat) and pretend I have the ability to read and write from time to time. Other games I'm currently playing is League of Legends, PUBG and some of the Total War franchise.

    Enter your WoW character, up to 5 may be added.

    Blockaholic; Blockaholic - WoW
    Siló (Frost/Blood DK) Siló - WoW
    Covfefé (Afflic lock) Covfefé - WoW

    Sometimes the Armory will bug out preventing you from adding characters above, if so please list your characters armory links below.


    Would you consider playing any of these characters as your main with guild support to gear up?

    I am happy with switch as and when the guild requires.

    Please list Warcraft Logs / World of Logs parses or similar.

    Blockaholic on Draenor - Warcraft Logs

    My normal and HC logs are decent. My mythic logs are not where they ought to be due to the lack of kills currently in T21 to be able to maximise dps. However the mechanics of each fight and my role are paramount.

    Why do you play your Class? - I've played Mage for several expansions. I find the RNG element of it exciting when it favours you as well as the different playstyles each spec provides. Mages bring utility to the raid which I value often as they can be used to ease raid tactics. I loving having access to and taking advantage of immunity spells, blinks and other such tricks allowing me to position better, react to unexpected things and find room to maximise DPS. Plus, portal roulette is fun...

    What are your classes strong and weak points?

    Strengths -

    One of the strongest burst classes.

    Ability and set bonuses allow us to manipulate cooldown timers (FB crits for IV reduction, Blizzard for FO reduction).
    Free food and drink.
    Quick travel.
    Immunities and 'cheese' ability such as Shimmer.

    Weaknesses -

    Can suffer outside of cooldowns.
    Proc based DPS isn't always reliable.
    RNG can not be favourable.
    No self healing unlike locks/priests
    Unfortunate tendency to open dark portals or tamper with magic that risks Azeroth's safety.

    How is your class valuable?

    We provide utility to circumvent raid mechanics.
    We provide TW.
    We provide mana buns.
    We get you back to Dalaran faster to celebrate another boss kill.

    In which fights have you been in charge of handling special game mechanics in your raiding career?

    In T21, two bosses spring to mind - Varimathiras and Aggramar Mythic.

    Varimathiras; My primary role (which resulted in two clean kills with my current guild) was to handle the adds spawning. They needed to be killed off before completing the 'Echo of doom' cast and wipe the raid. I handled these along with one other ranged and we successfully killed each on in time.

    Aggramar; AOE slow on embers during p2/p3 when required, dispelling any adds with Catalyzed and baiting flares.

    On my current Mythic Argus Progress - I am currently one of the people baiting chains in P3.

    Raid UI screenshot - in raid content.

    Unfortunately at the time of the application I wasn't able to jump into a raid environment, however I can give you a brief explanation;

    Screenshot - a05c450db0f97f580fd26eb837925338 - Gyazo

    Large ? middle left; This is a weak aura for every ability and mechanic (in all difficulties) for each ABT boss. The comes in from left to right and will show 1-3 at a time, if they overlap. I can glace quickly in conjunction with DBM and warnings to see what's next to deal with.

    The large cluster of WA at the time of the screen; This is for M Argus specifically. It's a fool proof WA telling me when cone is about to come in, when to bait rage/fear, when to spread/stack, the DoT from scythe, to move left/right with the buff etc.

    The WA around my character model is for my abilities and cooldowns. It shows FoF Stacks, BF procs, Leggo bracer stacks, if Blizzard is an instant cast while FO is up etc.

    The sephuz's icon is more for M+ than raiding; it will track the internal cd of the legendary as well as the duration when proc'd

    The DoubleLancer WA tracks my haste required and range from my target to achieve a double IL hit after a BF proc. It also tells me if I can do it standing, running, Shimmer and running - Jargon other Mages would understand. Taking advantage of it depends on the fight's progress.

    My DBM bars appears on the right and sits between the Details! bar and nameplates (apologies for not being able to capture that in the image). My warnings appear above my frost mage WA's.

    *IL - Ice lance
    *BF - Brain Freeze
    *FO - Frozen Orb

    Computer specs

    i5-7640X CPU @4.00GHz (can overclock to 4.30GHz)
    16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 TI 8BM GPU
    Ethernet cable internet - 15-17ms, 370 Mbps d/l 21 Mbps u/l (Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test)

    What would you say are the 3 most important addons that you use?

    DBM - Tracking mechanics
    Weak Auras2 - Advanced mechanic tracking, tracking abilities and up times on vital class mechanics.
    Angry Assignments - Everyone is on the same page with the plan!

    (I'd also mention Details! (Or Skada) - Death recounts and personal tabs on performance.)

    Do you have an authenticator? - Yes.

    How did you hear about Foundation, and what made you consider applying? - A member of my current guild. We are due to disband the raid team this evening. I applied as you need ranged DPS and you are progressing on Argus; the same as myself. I am also looking for a solid raiding guild for BFA.

    We use Teamspeak to communicate during raids. Ability to connect to this is mandatory.
    Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English? Yes and Yes.

    Any questions for us or anything else you would like to add?

    Nothing for now!
  2. Kezi

    Kezi Guild Member

    26 Nov 2017
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    WE DO NOT PROVIDE TIME WARP, We have a ring that means we delegate that to others :)
    GL with app
  3. Reinforce

    Reinforce Guild Member

    8 Nov 2017
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    A frost mage from manchester with law degree.
    This is pretty much who kez wants to be - great application, decent heroic logs

    Good luck
    #3 Reinforce, 16 May 2018
    Last edited: 16 May 2018
  4. Borelia

    Borelia Recruitment Guru

    2 Sep 2017
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    Thank you for your application but unfortunately, we cannot offer a trial spot at this point.

    Application denied
  5. Borelia

    Borelia Recruitment Guru

    2 Sep 2017
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    And also best of luck in your search for a new guild.
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