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Tizin Balance druid

Discussion in 'Applications' started by Tizo, 20 Jun 2018.

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  1. Tizo

    Tizo New Member

    20 Jun 2018
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    hello im james


    Tell us a little about yourself

    OK where to start I'm an old wow player been around since late vanilla. I currently have 3 kids and i run my own nightclubs so I'm pretty much gone most weekends. I live it the uk in coventry and massive Game of thrones fan and starwars and stargate ok i just enjoy sci-fi

    Enter your WoW character, up to 5 may be added.

    Main - Tizin = Tizin - WoW
    M.Alt -Tixlox = Tizlox - WoW
    alt - Tizala = Tizala - WoW
    theres a fair few other alts i have around similar ilvl these are just preferred alts that i enjoy more atm

    Would you consider playing any of these characters as your main with guild support to gear up?

    Im pretty happy to play any alt/class as long as its not really a melee dps I just get way to much tunnel vision when playing melee and i have a bad habit of dieing to the worse things that are easy to avoid in most cases im more willing in most cases to reroll if its still a range dps. I even did this for last guild as i had mained a mage for pretty much 70% of this exp but i went balance druid mid tos when we had none and healers were asking for the innverates all the time

    Please list Warcraft Logs / World of Logs parses or similar.
    We like looking at logs and while we look for things like how high you are on that meter we also look for defensive skill usage and how much you stress the healers.

    Tizin on Draenor - Warcraft Logs

    there currently alot of tanks ones and that cause last few weeks of relcear i had to tank, this was mostly cause i was the offspec tank and we had lost a tank before the guild died and have also healed about 80% of ATBT so alot my logs are abit over the place with the muti specs but balance is my main spec id have preferred some better dps logs but i was pretty much there go 2 guy to the crap jobs ie portal keeper i was a few times orb runner at start or running into ship for eonar and staying with tank for interrupting and varimathras i had to store some astral power to nuke add then the bane of my life on aggramar standing so far away from the flare/soak point but atleast i can nuke them adds in the intermission phase :D

    Why do you play your Class?
    i really fell in love with the druid during TOS it felt like the druid had everything that tier and op tier for single and aoe. i enjoy the druid alot more with mythic + when im helping guildlys or friends it feels nice to be able to pretty much jump into any of the main roles to get the dungeon done and i love to spam starfall as a druid theres no greating feeling when u see loads of adds and you have loads of astral power ready to just drop them quickly

    What are your classes strong and weak points? How is your class valuable?
    Strong points
    hands down balance druid just destroys for aoe
    it has great survivability with the option to go into bear forum and jump to 10+ m health and frenzy combo with also having passive 6% damage reduce and a 1 min def cd
    it has really strong quick burst single also
    has great movement across most boss fights with blink/charge/leap/bounce and dash
    and the innervates but thats more what i can give to someone kinda hurts when the healers ask for it on kingaroth at the start of them add phases
    weak points
    its really talent locked ie to do either acceptable single or aoe damage u need the talents
    over long fights its single target gets weak with quick drop offs
    at times it feels like it really depends on procs either trinkets or bracers not getting them make you want to destroy things at times
    heavy movement just hurts with only moonfire spamming or if u had been lucky to get a starfall down before hand

    In which fights have you been in charge of handling special game mechanics in your raiding career?

    ok lets see where to start nothing really in vinalla i did get to tank illidan as a spriest when we had no locks in bc that was fun
    wrath and cata i was pretty much n/a as i had just got a pair of twins born around this time and it took my focus
    mop hmm i dont think i had any major roll as at the time the guild i was in was more about u done it once now its this persons turn other than siegecrafter i was always on belt as i could always dodge the flame walls
    i cant really remember with warlords other than highmaul i had gun duty alot oo i remember now i did reroll o mage for hellfire and i did the flame on archi and soaking waves on fel lord zakuun and abusing chains on Xhul'horac both good and terrible times so long that tier
    and then legion hmm i think if there was something to do i did it ie on Cebarius i soaked roots on my druid soaked tentalces on Helya on mage soaking spores on High Botanist doing the shield on guldan with mage the spellsteal job and in ATBT i did pretty much everything in muti roles jobs from high command i can do any of the pods to portal keeper orb running to argus offtanking soaking orbs and following people out as boomie with the people who got the blight rage combos and same in p3 with rage chains combos

    Raid UI screenshot - in raid content.

    Computer specs
    evga nvidia titan x graphics card x2
    Intel Core i5-8400
    ram 8GB
    256GB SSD
    ~ 300distance
    Paris loction
    BT provider

    What would you say are the 3 most important addons that you use?

    weak auras it just stop a lot of the UI from looking a mess and I can custom build alot of them for easier time on bosses where i either need to watch out for certain spells boss ability's and makes tracking procs ahell of alot easier.
    bigwiggs/DBM dealers choice here i perfer bigwiggs mainly as ive used it longer and i can custom build it in with my weakauras main reason this is important as to know when boss mechanics are coming up so i can plan abit ahead either using a def or holdings some cds for a burn phase
    i think 3rd is prob going to be be Elvui i just perfer the way its built to making a nice and clean ui so i can add and move bars around

    Do you have an authenticator?
    yep and its up and running bring on bfa bigger bag

    How did you hear about Foundation, and what made you consider applying?

    i mainly found out on wowprogress and i know u have been around for along time and id perfer going into a BFA with a guild that going to raid mythic as if i dont raid mythic i think ill get bored within a couple of weeks and i still enjoy wow to compeltely stop playing atm. i also saw you were recruiting balance and lock as me and friend would like to keep playing together as we been playing together now for about 2 exp well i kinda forced him to keep playing when i ninja-ed him back during hellfire

    We use Discord to communicate during raids. Ability to connect to this is mandatory.
    Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English?

    I have a working mic and i can be found most days on discords chilling out talking to people and talking English comes easy to this Brit just don't ask me to talk in another language thou unless you want to laugh at me

    Any questions for us or anything else you would like to add?
    no questions i spoke to a few officers before making this app and everything came ok for me
    if u have anything i missed or u want to ask me can add battletag tizo#2466
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  2. Borelia

    Borelia Recruitment Guru
    Guild Officer

    2 Sep 2017
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    Thank you for the application. We will review it and discuss it and come as soon as possible.
  3. Borelia

    Borelia Recruitment Guru
    Guild Officer

    2 Sep 2017
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    Sorry about the delay but we had to think a lot about this. We tried to make room for your and Avardus but in the end we were unable to find spot.

    As things look now we are quite many in the guild and extra heavy on dps, this make us unable to add more dps until we are fully clear how the team looks for BFA.

    Best of luck finding another guild and if stuff change here in the short term I will hunt you down.

    Application declined.
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