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Weboi - Applying for BFA

Discussion in 'Applications' started by weboi, 2 Jul 2018.

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  1. weboi

    weboi Guild Member

    22 Feb 2018
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    If it looks like you spent about 20 seconds doing your application, do not be surprised if we spend less time than that declining.

    Please make an effort with your presentation and try to write coherently. Applications that lack detail have a very good chance of not going anywhere.

    Our guild rules are in the "About Us" section of the site - by filling in this form you accept the rules and terms set out there.

    SOCIALS: For a Social spot in the guild please select the Social Option.

    RAIDERS: If you are cross realm then please highlight this. Make sure to answer every question honestly as we check applications as they come in for false claims and forgery.

    RETURNING MEMBERS: We know you who are, pick returning and enjoy a speed app so we can give site access.

    Name Tom / Weboi / Stumble

    Age 25

    Tell us a little about yourself

    I sell phones for a living, I play games for fun. I have been playing a lot of D3 over the past few years.

    Enter your WoW character, up to 5 may be added.

    Weboí - WoW

    110 - Frost / Unholy DK

    Sometimes the Armory will bug out preventing you from adding characters above, if so please list your characters armory links below.

    Stumblé - WoW Enhance / Resto Shaman.

    Would you consider playing any of these characters as your main with guild support to gear up?

    Yes, I would be willing to play most roles or classes apart from a Mage.

    Please list Warcraft Logs / World of Logs parses or similar.

    I have been out of the game for two years, I’ve not logged myself for a long time, or looked for logs. In mists / Wod (early) I always got good to very good logs. I put a lot of time into improving my game by going through where I made mistakes and this hasn’t changed in the time I have been out. I have always had the attitude that I can improve and will aim to improve where I can always in every walk of life.

    We like looking at logs and while we look for things like how high you are on that meter we also look for defensive skill usage and how much you stress the healers.

    Before saying you have no logs take a minute to check - you'd be surprised how many times we hear this and then find logs 20 seconds later.

    Why do you play your Class?

    I have always loved the DK since the day it came out, the lore behind it has been a big factor in this. Until recent times I soley played blood and unholy, I enjoyed the dot management and uptime unholy brought to a raid and seeing the benefits of bringing an UH DK when I mained it justified the choice. When I came back to the game a couple of months ago I decided to try frost for the first time, I have loved playing frost, although rusty and not optimised I enjoy the fast pace it brings.

    What are your classes strong and weak points? How is your class valuable?

    With the specs available the main detractors are not being so mobile with wraith walk being the only movement enhancing ability to be able to affect mechanics. In BFA deaths advance is back to offer another option, but I feel this is the biggest weak point.

    Each spec has its benefits and detractors which can make frost more viable for x fight and unholy for y. It all depends on the fight. I am willing to take things on as a raider and play a spec or role for the team depending on the fight, the team and progress is more important than just me as a player.

    In which fights have you been in charge of handling special game mechanics in your raiding career?

    In my time in Carnage / Foundation there have been a few.

    • Kiting Thok in SoO

    • Klaxxi Soaking

    • I was a main interrupter during Garrosh progress.

    • During Bladefist progress early mop I was part of the team going up to kill adds.

    • Blackfuse 25m HC I was asked to deal with bomb adds permanently, I took this role on and when I was on the main platform they were always dealt with efficiently.
    These are to name a few. I am capable of stepping up when the team needs me to be.

    Raid UI screenshot - in raid content.
    Imgur Sorry LFR

    Computer specs

    I am not particularly savy when it comes to specs. I have a High spec PC (Spending money means high spec right?)

    Mouse - Naga Chroma

    Keyboard - Deathstalker

    Headset - Plantronics Gamecom (Thanks Koss for the recommendation)

    What would you say are the 3 most important addons that you use?

    DBM - Its obvious why, awareness is needed during raids and the timers help.

    Weakauras - I use these for raiding and instances only. I haven’t used them or kept them up to date since being a filthy casual scrub. However they are a lifeline for keeping track.

    Elv UI - I like my UI, its neat and tidy. A messy UI is my version of hell. I like to know where everything is at all times. I know this is a subjective matter however, some people might think mine is a pile of junk.

    Do you have an authenticator?


    How did you hear about Foundation, and what made you consider applying?

    I have been here since day 0. One of the old boys. I made what I consider a mistake in leaving during BRF, I thought the grass was greener and after 2 weeks of not raiding with the people I called friends or the environment I grew to love I ended up quitting the game. Most of those that played with me previously I hope would remember me as a jovial character, but when it came down to it I could do the business. I love this guild and the people that have formed it through what its been through over years and years.

    We use Discord to communicate during raids. Ability to connect to this is mandatory.

    Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English?


    Any questions for us or anything else you would like to add?

    I’d like to add that I am complete flexible. I have a multitude of alts ready for playing and ready to be taken up. I would prefer to play my DK as a DPS but I am willing to heal / ranged if needed for balance.

    I am a team player and always will be, I will put the team before me always. I’d like to be considered after my time out and not remembered for my indiscretions but my performance and dedication. I’m not young anymore thinking the grass is greener, I know where home is.
  2. Ganicus

    Ganicus Raid Team

    28 Feb 2018
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    high five o/
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  3. Borelia

    Borelia Recruitment Guru
    Guild Officer

    2 Sep 2017
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    Sorry Stuble. Our melee team is really good and full. The guild is very stacked atm and we have some people allready incomming for the last spots. Things may change during first week of BFA but as of now there is no room

    Application declined.
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